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Thailand and its delicious Oolong Teas

Well, you already know I loved the 40 days I spent in Thailand. But besides from love and great moments, I got lots of tea learning in this beautiful land. Bom, voces ja sabem… Continuar lendo

Um final de semana com a Tribo Lahu (que planta chá!) / A weekend with a Lahu Tribe (which grows tea!)

Still in the North of Thailand, I had the great chance of spending a weekend with people from the Lahu Tribe. ❤ Ainda no norte da Tailândia, tive a chance de passar um… Continuar lendo

Doi Mae Salong e a primeira vez que andei de moto / and the first time I rode a motorcycle

Yes, that’s me. I had to ride a motorcycle because it was the only way to go to a tea farm I wanted to visit. No, I had never riden a motorcycle before.… Continuar lendo

Chiang Rai e a loja de chás que achei com o coração / and the tea shop I found with my heart

It’s interesting how things start to happen in a perfect way when you start to follow your heart and intuition. É engraçado como as coisas começam a acontecer com perfeição quando a gente começa… Continuar lendo

10 motivos para vir (se mudar) para a Tailândia <3 / 10 reasons to come (move) to Thailand! <3

Here’s my advice to everybody (specially those who are lost and don’t know what to do with their lives) for 2014: COME (MOVE) TO THAILAND! Before starting to read, play this song and… Continuar lendo