Entrevista no jornal turco Aydinlik / Interview at Aydinlik turkish newspaper

Here you go! The translation for the interview I gave to Aydanlik turkish newspaper, in Istanbul.

(Logo traduzo para o português! Desculpem, gente! O tempo está curto! Vivendo as experiências com chá intensamente! 🙂 )

dani aydanlik istanbul 20.12.13

When you speak of “Brazil”, the coffee comes to your mind, doesn’t it? The passion of Brazilian Daniele Lieutheir is tea. She has begun a journey from Brazil to Rize for her tea interest. She worked in tea farms. She has learned to pluck tea. She now knows how the tea brews.

Daniele graduated in Advertising. But she didn’t want to do that. She has become interested in gastronomy. She says that she can bake perfect cake and cookies. The main purpose of her journey is her idea that tea is the best match for these pastries. While Brazil is preparing for the World Cup in 2014, she is waiting impatiently for these days.

Blacksea media also gave publicity to her.

Firstly, she has been in France and England. She has learned their tea culture and how they serve tea. Then she has come to Turkey. Daniele stayed in Rize, Trabzon and Artvin for one month. She has worked there voluntarily. She has seen how tea is grown and picked up in tea farms. Also she has learned the tea processes in the factory. She says that “Blackse people are very hospital and friendly”. Turkish food for Daniele is muhlama, she can’t forget its taste. But also she likes all of the Blacksea foods. She has caught the attention of Blacksea media too and they have made an interview. “The Turkish people is similar to Brazilian people. I think that’s because you are Mediterranean.”

The tea journey of Daniele Lieutheir will continue. She will trace the tea in Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan and Nepal. You can follow Daniele’s journey from her blog page “Caminho da Chá”. Its Turkish meaning is “çay yolculuğu”. Daniele is planning to open a tea place at the end of this journey. She will also serve Turkish tea with her bakery products. She said that she will use turkish tea glass for it. Also she said laughing that she will hang a “nazar boncuğu” on the wall of her place. The Turkish Football Team won’t be in 2014 World Cup but the Turkish tea will be our representative in Brazil in Daniele’s place.