10 motivos para vir (se mudar) para a Tailândia <3 / 10 reasons to come (move) to Thailand! <3

Here’s my advice to everybody (specially those who are lost and don’t know what to do with their lives) for 2014: COME (MOVE) TO THAILAND!

Before starting to read, play this song and read along!

1- The beaches are incredibly beautiful

I’m now at Phi Phi Island. It’s the dreamland. It’s awesomelly beautiful that it makes you wanna cry. The water is blue or green or heaven-color. The sand is white. The sky is blue. Colorful and beautiful. Astonishing. Breath-taking. The water is transparent. You can scuba dive and see plenty of different fish. I’ve even seen a golden reef (<3) swimming at the Monkey Island (5 min from here by boat). You won’t get tired of admiring the incredible beach. It’s a paradise.

gorgeous maya bay

Maya Bay. From “The Beach” movie! One more dream came true! ❤

2- People who come here are specially awesome

Besides from the amazing place, people who come to Thailand are somehow nicer than usual. I can’t explain that. It’s just what I feel. Maybe it’s just the vibe that the country gives you. You just relax, chill and feel awesome. Here, you’re never alone. Ever. There are so many cool, nice and happy people here that it’s kinda unbelievable. And also, there are so many beautiful people. Seriously. So many. I’ve never seen so many in one square meter. If you’re single you can also have a great time ‘cause HERE IS LIKE CARNAVAL EVERYDAY at the beach parties. Hahaha You’ll meet new friends from the whole globe. Because everybody comes to Thailand. Everybody loves Thailand. You should come!

a mochila e os barcos

#nofilters Sunset @ West Railay

3- You’ll feel happy

You’ll dance, you’ll watch the fire shows, you’ll observe people, you’ll drink, you’ll get the vibe, you’ll thank God you’re here and you’re alive. Everyday at night, I dance looking at the island. I raise my arms and dance with all my strengh. (No drugs, just alcohol and happiness). I feel so blessed. So happy.

eu pulando

Happy happy @ West Railay

4- You’ll find yourself

You’ll be in the middle of the crowd and you’ll find yourself. ‘Cause there’s nothing better to find yourself than to get lost. Go far away. We live so worried about what people think of ourselves that we forget to be who we are. We’re limiting ourselves all the time. Who are you? When you’re far away you won’t be afraid to find it out. Specially if you come alone (COME ALONE! when you get here you won’t be anymore). You just don’t care about what people will think about you and how you are because you probably won’t see them again. So you can actually get to be the way you are. Just naturally, sponteneously. You’ll find out things about yourself and about life. You’ll live. YOU’LL BE!


❤ boats @ West Railay

5- You’ll think through your life

You can move to Thailand just to have a good time. But, really, if you feel lost in your life, you’re gonna find a way out once you’re here. I wasn’t lost, but I can say that I’ve found myself in a deeper way. This vibe, man, is awesome. I can’t explain. You’re gonna feel it. You’ll also have plenty of time at the beach to think through your life and life in general. I can’t promisse it will happen to you, but I’m deeply connected to life facts. I started understanding things. It’s like I’m so excited and happy that I’m so zen and my thoughts started making sense. There’s a huge cause and effect reaction going on. Be good, and people will be good to you. Be honest and you’ll get it back. Of course I don’t do things expecting things back. I just follow my two special principles: be respectful and be happy. Respect, because in it all the other virtues are included. If you are respectful, you’ll be always good to people and to the environment, and you’ll get connected to yourself in such a special way that everything just flows. It’s easier to actually hear you heart and your intuition when your heart is in peace. Now, about happiness, that’s just because I like being happy. But of course that being happy makes other people happy. So it’s a win win.

cara no barco

Maya Bay. From “The Beach” movie! 😀

6- You don’t need to bring money

You don’t need any money to live here. You just need to buy your ticket and come. Seriously. And don’t come with the excuse “I have no money to buy a ticket”. Come on. There is crowdfunding. You have friends. You are healthy. You are alive. You just need to be creative to make some money. Organize a dinner, a party, and sell tickets to your friends. Work two shifts. Sell cupcakes. Do something about it. Here you got some ideas to raise some money. http://www.wikihow.com/Raise-Money Instead of wasting your time worrying and complaining, spend it trying to find a solution. You’ll also stop suffering if you do that. 😉


Chicken Island. This gorgeous 4-islands-tour costed only 300 bahts (10 dollars)!!!!!!!!1

7- You can have the best job in the Universe

I’m short on money. I found a solution. I found a job. And lucky me, it’s the best job I’ve ever had. The staff is ten pretty and cool foreigner girls (but boys are also allowed). We have to distribute flyers for 1 hour at the main street. After that, we have to dance and drink for 4 hours. Yes! We’re paid to dance, drink and have fun. How amazing is it? There are only two rules: don’t sit down and don’t leave the bar. That’s all. We dance, we have fun, we dance, we have fun, we drink buckets of cocktails, we watch the fire shows, we are happy. And for all that fun, I’m paid 400 bahts and 3 buckets of cocktails. If you think about it, it’s only US$12. But what about it? I just need money to live. I need food and a bed. That’s all. And with 400 bahts I can pay a single room (very tiny one, but I just need a place to sleep). You can also take a bed at a dorm for 250 bahts. How do I eat? Well, I can’t really drink 3 buckets (like 3 litres). I tried it the first day and it’s kinda too much. So I sell one or two buckets a day. The price vary from 200 to 400 bahts or more. I’m a bucket dealer. Or at least I’m trying to.

working hard

Me and the girls working hard!


This little boy is only 11 years old and he is sooooooo good!


It can also be really exciting! 😀 (haven’t tried it yet!!)

8- There’s magic in the air

Magical things happen in Thailand. One day, after I gave up trying to sell my last bucket, I just told a guy (friend of my friends) to give me one slice of pizza for the bucket (one bucket is 400 bahts, one slice of pizza is 80). He gave me a slice of pizza and 100 dollars (3200 bahts) and told me it was to help me on my tea trip.

I also met a very cool guy who is possibly gonna be my business partner on my tea house. He’s from Curitiba, same city as I am. I didn’t meet him there, but here. Thailand is magic.


This is Pete, my co-worker! He’s everyday by the beach taking pictures with turists! 😀

9- Do it now. One day, baby, we’ll be old.

Now is better than later. So here’s a song to remind you that if you’re not happy, you’re wasting your time. “ONE DAY, BABY, WE’LL BE OLD. AND THINK OF ALL THE STORIES THAT WE COULD HAVE TOLD.” Be happy now. Write your story. Your fun story. Your responsible for it. Be creative! Don’t wait for it. You have a much better time if you’re happy. And everybody will be happy if you’re happy! 🙂


One day, baby, we’ll be old! ❤

10- Go for it!

In 2014, go for it. Your happiness just depends on yourself. It’s not about being lucky, it’s just about being brave enough to go for it. Don’t come with excuses. It’s not easy to let go, but you can do it. Nothing is stopping you. GO FOR IT!


I’m always jumping! Lol You can see how happy I am! 🙂