Feel the Air

You’re so worried about what’s inside your head

that you forget to breathe.

You forget to look around.

You forget to talk to people.

‘Cause you can only listen to yourself

and whatever’s on your mind.


You forget to have fun

because you’re too busy getting worried

about the things you have to do.

Think less, act more.

Have fun.


Your better ideas won’t come out

after too many working hours.

Work. But try to be relaxed

so you can get to enjoy what you’re doing.

Or what you’re gonna do after work.


Look around. Breathe. Learn.

Walk with no direction

because being lost and alone

is the closest you can get

of finding the real you,

who you are and what you’re meant to do.


Run away.

Leave it all behind.

Then find yourself.

Come back.

And be yourself

in your best version.


Feel the air.